16 September, 2014

Shameless referral post & PoE Project

Neobux is starting to take off already, been a member for just over a week and already making some pretty good money. 28 rented refs and counting with another 6 or so coming on the 18th.

Superpoints is awesome. Click a button 10 times a day and receive pretty good money. Payouts in Amazon gift cards that can be exchanged for PayPal funds at reddit - /r/giftcardexchange.

If you want to be a member of either of these services and start earning some decent money, please click the banner or the link and sign up under my ref!

It would mean a great deal to me as I can use the funds to get closer towards buying a car!


Path of Exile project has been started. The witch is level 26 and I currently have two unique wands giving me a total of around 50% spell power. Passive tree is full of lightning damage and I've got Arc linked up to added lightning damage for now. I'm currently two shotting yellow mobs and one shotting packs of blue mobs. My plan is to get a Herald of Ash gem linked up with Elemental Proliferation because that would proc HoA on each mob hit by my Arc and it would then prolif onto other mobs nearby. It would also spread any shock status caused by Arc.

Being as I'm only level 26 it's not very exciting yet but I've got great hopes for this project. It'll either branch off into a Cast on Crit Lightning Orb witch that procs crits via Arc, or a crit Arc HoA Ele Prolif witch. Could even switch into dual totem if I felt like it but I don't think dual arc totems would be strong enough to keep me alive. I'll do some theorycrafting and I'll play around with the passive skill tree and some mana calculators to figure out exactly what I can afford to run.

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