19 September, 2014

PewPew Lightning Path of Exile

Witch is level 47 now and I realised that a Cast on Crit Ball Lightning build wasn't going to work due to the sheer amount of gear and expenses it would take to set it up properly. Not to mention my passive tree is totally reliant on spell damage and I'd need a bow or a wand for Barrage or something.

So I made the decision to put that to one side for now and I'm currently leveling using Ball Lightning > Lesser Multiple Projectiles > Spell Echo > Power Charge on Crit > Mana Leech. I can sustain this attack infinitely providing I hit at least one mob every time, and the damage it pumps out is ridiculous. I'm also running Herald of Ice right now because each tick of damage from each orb procs the cold damage on HoI. Running both of them with Ele Proliferation innately on my gear means that packs of 5+ mobs just disappear. Pretty fun to play right now.

Excited for a 6l chest and 6l weapon. The weapon will destroy my currency tab and to get an affordable 6l chest I'd need to get a Tabula Rasa and pray that I Vaal +1 level to gems on it. I'm literally saving all my currency and aggressively selling off old gear in order to get 1 exalted orb to buy a Tabula.

Not sure whether I want to play Arc or Ball Lightning when I hit mapping level, I guess I'll try both or have them both linked up in a 6l, though I have a feeling that a different spell would work better because I've got AoE sorted, I just need a great single target damage spell. Can't think of what would work well with so much + lightning damage on my passive tree but I'll figure it out eventually.

Nerdcoring it this weekend, maybe I'll hit mapping level by the end of the night and I'll start posting sweet loot and I'll start working on my little guide.

I also have the best character name for a lightning focused caster. "Bzzp".

You jelly.

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