22 September, 2014

Path of Exile project

I've decided I might not end up playing a crit lightning witch just because elemental reflect will be the absolute bane of my existence. My Righteous Fire character was going to be a dual RF/Culler based purely on health and resists in the passive tree (I'd cull with weapon swap, which would be a bit tricky because swapping out Rise of the Phoenix would mean that I start losing health from RF and I'd need to cull quickly or lose 10% exp.

The point of my RF character was to cull and I still wanted to be able to farm solo without sacrificing damage, unfortunately with the life and resist nerfs RF became kind of weak and with no damage in the passive tree, I was relying on Flameblast to ignite enemies and fill in for the damage. Unfortunately I was borrowing a tabula to do so and when I had to give it back I became a little useless as all I could do was run around with RF on and use a very weak cyclone setup because my 5l chest was corrupted with 2g 2r 1b.

In the end I got a little bored of the idea of culling because it seems no matter what I'd be sacrificing at least some damage in order to do it and I only really planned it in the first place for a friend so we could get a group piety farm going.

In the end I decided not to cull because it meant we relied on each other too much, as I wouldn't deal much damage and he'd want me around all the time for stacks of loot.

So I decided to make a solo character - my witch. But I don't think I'm going to find it as fun as I thought. When I realised exactly how Cast on Crit works, it kind of clicked that the way I was building my character wasn't going to work and the whole idea was far too expensive to recover. I mean playing a 5l ball lightning build right now is kind of fun but it feels lackluster and I'll drop like a sack of potatoes when I run into an elemental reflect pack or map.

I'm not 100% sure what I want to do right now - I can either carry on building my RF character and try to find a tabula or funds to buy one from maps, I can carry on with the BL witch and try to make it work, or I can reroll a new character. There's so many cool builds out there that I want to try and this is sort of the most attractive option.

I play in a group of 2-3 friends and we usually map together. One is playing a Cast on Crit bow build and the other is playing a ridiculous Molten Strike build so mobs just explode regardless of my character being there. So I might go for something a little strange.

Nothing screams team player like a 5 aura IIR IIQ culler. It sounds boring and it sounds like leveling will take forever but if I can offer more help other than just "lol 100k dps i rekd you" then I'm willing to take the opportunity. Besides, it can't take any longer to level than a RF build with ONLY maximum health and resists in the passive tree and it would probably pump out more damage, even when playing solo, than the RF build as it currently is. It would definitely be super tanky if I run a couple of defensive auras. I'm gonna play around with the passive tree and some mana calculators to see what I can muster up.

Watch this space.

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