22 September, 2014

Path of Exile project

I've decided I might not end up playing a crit lightning witch just because elemental reflect will be the absolute bane of my existence. My Righteous Fire character was going to be a dual RF/Culler based purely on health and resists in the passive tree (I'd cull with weapon swap, which would be a bit tricky because swapping out Rise of the Phoenix would mean that I start losing health from RF and I'd need to cull quickly or lose 10% exp.

The point of my RF character was to cull and I still wanted to be able to farm solo without sacrificing damage, unfortunately with the life and resist nerfs RF became kind of weak and with no damage in the passive tree, I was relying on Flameblast to ignite enemies and fill in for the damage. Unfortunately I was borrowing a tabula to do so and when I had to give it back I became a little useless as all I could do was run around with RF on and use a very weak cyclone setup because my 5l chest was corrupted with 2g 2r 1b.

In the end I got a little bored of the idea of culling because it seems no matter what I'd be sacrificing at least some damage in order to do it and I only really planned it in the first place for a friend so we could get a group piety farm going.

In the end I decided not to cull because it meant we relied on each other too much, as I wouldn't deal much damage and he'd want me around all the time for stacks of loot.

So I decided to make a solo character - my witch. But I don't think I'm going to find it as fun as I thought. When I realised exactly how Cast on Crit works, it kind of clicked that the way I was building my character wasn't going to work and the whole idea was far too expensive to recover. I mean playing a 5l ball lightning build right now is kind of fun but it feels lackluster and I'll drop like a sack of potatoes when I run into an elemental reflect pack or map.

I'm not 100% sure what I want to do right now - I can either carry on building my RF character and try to find a tabula or funds to buy one from maps, I can carry on with the BL witch and try to make it work, or I can reroll a new character. There's so many cool builds out there that I want to try and this is sort of the most attractive option.

I play in a group of 2-3 friends and we usually map together. One is playing a Cast on Crit bow build and the other is playing a ridiculous Molten Strike build so mobs just explode regardless of my character being there. So I might go for something a little strange.

Nothing screams team player like a 5 aura IIR IIQ culler. It sounds boring and it sounds like leveling will take forever but if I can offer more help other than just "lol 100k dps i rekd you" then I'm willing to take the opportunity. Besides, it can't take any longer to level than a RF build with ONLY maximum health and resists in the passive tree and it would probably pump out more damage, even when playing solo, than the RF build as it currently is. It would definitely be super tanky if I run a couple of defensive auras. I'm gonna play around with the passive tree and some mana calculators to see what I can muster up.

Watch this space.

19 September, 2014

PewPew Lightning Path of Exile

Witch is level 47 now and I realised that a Cast on Crit Ball Lightning build wasn't going to work due to the sheer amount of gear and expenses it would take to set it up properly. Not to mention my passive tree is totally reliant on spell damage and I'd need a bow or a wand for Barrage or something.

So I made the decision to put that to one side for now and I'm currently leveling using Ball Lightning > Lesser Multiple Projectiles > Spell Echo > Power Charge on Crit > Mana Leech. I can sustain this attack infinitely providing I hit at least one mob every time, and the damage it pumps out is ridiculous. I'm also running Herald of Ice right now because each tick of damage from each orb procs the cold damage on HoI. Running both of them with Ele Proliferation innately on my gear means that packs of 5+ mobs just disappear. Pretty fun to play right now.

Excited for a 6l chest and 6l weapon. The weapon will destroy my currency tab and to get an affordable 6l chest I'd need to get a Tabula Rasa and pray that I Vaal +1 level to gems on it. I'm literally saving all my currency and aggressively selling off old gear in order to get 1 exalted orb to buy a Tabula.

Not sure whether I want to play Arc or Ball Lightning when I hit mapping level, I guess I'll try both or have them both linked up in a 6l, though I have a feeling that a different spell would work better because I've got AoE sorted, I just need a great single target damage spell. Can't think of what would work well with so much + lightning damage on my passive tree but I'll figure it out eventually.

Nerdcoring it this weekend, maybe I'll hit mapping level by the end of the night and I'll start posting sweet loot and I'll start working on my little guide.

I also have the best character name for a lightning focused caster. "Bzzp".

You jelly.

17 September, 2014

CoC Arc Witch Path of Exile

So last night I farmed normal Ledge until level 40 and blasted my way through Dominus (yes I have seen the true face of god...) into cruel. Managed to push to cruel Ledge and level to 45 before I went to bed.

Equipped a 5l chest and I currently have Arc > Faster Casting > Spell Echo > Chain > Mana Leech. I can literally sustain it infinitely providing I hit at least one mob. I'll replace the mana leech gem with something else when I can sustain the mana without it.

I also have Ball Lightning linked with Cast on Critical Strike, Lesser Multiple Projectiles (more orbs yeaaaaah) and added lightning damage to counter the damage loss from LMP. I guess my crit change is a bit low for now though because I haven't actually seen it proc yet. Hopefully when it does start to proc consistently it will be kind of ridiculous.

It occurred to me that I'm going to need a lightning res flask for ele reflect mobs or maps because I managed to one shot myself on the ele reflect mob in Imperial Gardens. In normal. Lesson learned...

Got two Cast when Damage Taken setups - one is level 1 linked to Molten Shell (L7 I think) and a quality enduring cry, supported by increased duration. The second is a higher level and is linked to Immortal Call and Elemental Weakness and is supported by increased duration too. The reason for this is because I'll have Molten Shell and Enduring Cry proc'd almost infinitely and when I start taking more damage Immortal Call will go off. It just helps me to get the most out of the endurance charges before they're consumed.

Toying with the idea of auras but not many actually affect Arc or Ball Lightning so it might be better to just leave them out until high level group play. I play with a group of IRL friends so we could co-ordinate which aura people run so there's no overlap.

Still destroying mobs and with Chain linked to Arc, even large packs of 10+ mobs are dropping like flies. Leveling pretty quickly, I think I'll keep farming cruel ledge until I get a couple more levels and then I'll push forward to docks to get to around 55, then it's off to merciless ledge.

I love this build already.

16 September, 2014

Path of Exile Crit Arc Witch

Me again,

I spent some time using the offline skill tree and I've made a bit of a theory-crafted build. It's not well optimised and it's not finished yet but it's progress at least.

I figure this will give me a fairly decent amount of crit to work with and I can transition into a Cast on Crit Ball Lightning build procced by Arc. This seems like it would be the better idea because Herald of Ash & Ele Prolif wouldn't benefit from the sheer amount of lightning damage I gain from the passive tree. Perhaps until I find myself in the right situation I won't be able to run it. Maybe with a reduced mana gem and only as a damage filler. It wouldn't be able to have many other supports linked with it because it would start to reserve a huge amount of mana and I'm not planning on running Clarity unless I absolutely have to. Running it on Blood Magic would be an alternative but without a level 20 reduced mana gem it would reserve an absolutely insane amount of life on an already squishy character. Not good.

If I link both Arc and Ball Lightning with added lightning damage and spell echo, I'll definitely be pumping some numbers, but it would mean that two six linked items would probably be necessary. It's something to work on at least, even if I end up using a Tabula Rasa. I'll definitely need a 6l for Arc but I suppose CoC Ball Lightning could live in a 4 link. It depends how many defensive set-ups I'll need.

Regardless, the thought of electricity destroying screens of mobs sounds awesome. I'm really excited about this so fingers crossed that it works as well as I'm hoping it will.

The passive skill tree would provide me with the following bonuses (and are subject to change if I think of any better routes or nodes to take. As I said, this isn't perfectly optimised yet.)

------------------------------ Passive Tree ------------------------------

+74 to Strength
+74 to Dexterity
+352 to Intelligence
+236 to maximum Mana
+119 to maximum Life
Evasion Rating: 53
+3 Maximum Endurance Charge
+3 Maximum Frenzy Charge
+3 Maximum Power Charge
4% Additional Elemental Resistance per Endurance Charge
4% Physical Damage Reduction per Endurance Charge
5% Attack Speed Increase per Frenzy Charge
5% Cast Speed Increase per Frenzy Charge
50% Critical Strike Chance Increase per Power Charge
57% increased Cast Speed
91% increased maximum Life
100% increased Mana Regeneration Rate
28% increased maximum Mana
21% increased Effect of Buffs on You
117% increased Lightning Damage
+20% to Chaos Resistance
12% increased Radius of Auras
16% increased Elemental Damage with Spells
30% increased effect of Auras you Cast
62% increased Spell Damage
+17% to all Elemental Resistances
62% increased Elemental Damage
10% increased maximum Energy Shield
18% reduced Mana Reserved
+20 to maximum Energy Shield
+15% to Lightning Resistance
10% increased Attack Speed
6% increased Movement Speed
20% increased Critical Strike Chance
7% reduced Mana Cost of Skills
5% chance to Shock
Converts all Energy Shield to Mana
Damage Penetrates 2% Lightning Resistance
+70.4% Energy Shield
+14.8% increased Melee Physical Damage
+148 Accuracy Rating
14.8% increased Evasion Rating

And for anyone that wants to see a visual representation, here's the online skill tree: Click here!

I'll post another update if I have the perfect brainwave.

Shameless referral post & PoE Project

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Path of Exile project has been started. The witch is level 26 and I currently have two unique wands giving me a total of around 50% spell power. Passive tree is full of lightning damage and I've got Arc linked up to added lightning damage for now. I'm currently two shotting yellow mobs and one shotting packs of blue mobs. My plan is to get a Herald of Ash gem linked up with Elemental Proliferation because that would proc HoA on each mob hit by my Arc and it would then prolif onto other mobs nearby. It would also spread any shock status caused by Arc.

Being as I'm only level 26 it's not very exciting yet but I've got great hopes for this project. It'll either branch off into a Cast on Crit Lightning Orb witch that procs crits via Arc, or a crit Arc HoA Ele Prolif witch. Could even switch into dual totem if I felt like it but I don't think dual arc totems would be strong enough to keep me alive. I'll do some theorycrafting and I'll play around with the passive skill tree and some mana calculators to figure out exactly what I can afford to run.

15 September, 2014

Project coming soon - Path of Exile - Crit Arc Witch

I've been kind of lazy with the blog over the past couple days but I've got a project planned for Path of Exile. Gonna reroll a new character because my Righteous Fire build isn't working out as well as I'd like it to.

I'll post alongside my progress and if it goes well, I may even write up a quick guide.

Unfortunately I won't be able to get it done too quickly because of work, so I'll try to get underway as soon as I can.

04 September, 2014

Earn £25 / $30 per day with almost no effort - Neobux!

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You may be asking "but how can I earn so much without spending hours on it?"

Time, patience and determination.

Please keep the following abbreviations in mind during this guide:

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0.001 per ad x 5 ads per day x 120 days = $0.60 cost

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General Advice

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Return of the blab

After nearly three years away from blogging, I've decided that instead of picking up where I left off, I'd wipe the entire thing and start again from scratch. A lot has changed since my last blog post. I finished 6th form and got an administration job in a college (which I will be finishing in the first days of October) and I'm looking to move into I.T support for the time being. I'll be updating this blog every now and then and may even begin some projects, but I've yet to decide on what.

Here's to a fresh start, eh.